The Magic series by Ilona Andrews is well known for bringing mythical creatures to life. But in the second book–Magic Burns–this is taken a step further by bringing deities to the center stage. Two Celtic gods want a shot at rebirth and Atlanta is about to be their showdown.

Normally, gods can’t manifest in Kate Daniel’s world. Deities–like mythological creatures–are products of faith. Unlike them, however, they need a constant flow to keep existing and aren’t able to manifest during a traditional wave. Not only is the magic usually to weak, but if the tech reasserted itself they’d be cut off from their faith and they’d vanish. The only time that this isn’t true is during a flare where the world is saturated in magic for several days. As the flare gets closer, kate gets caught up between two gods; Morrigan and Morfran.



Morrigan isa goddess of divine aspects–she essentially has three alter egos. These are Annan (goddess of fertility and prosperity and guides the dead to the Otherworld), Macha (overseerer of kingship, governance, and horses) and Badb (The Great Battle Crow).

In Magic Burns, Morrigan seeks to manifest during the flare and her means to dos so is a massive cauldron entrusted to her covens, but there’s a problem. It’s been stolen.



Son of the Celtic goddess Ceridwen and very unattractive, Morfran made a deal with the Formorians–Morrigan’s enemies–in order to obtain an army. He then convinced an amateur coven to steal the cauldron so that he could experience rebirth, a gift he promises to the Formorians in exchange for them feeding on the people of Atlanta.

The way that the world of the Magic Series is built makes the concept of two gods fighting it out incredibly interesting. All the same, I think I’d prefer reading about it rather than being in the midst of such a heavy hitting showdown.

Disclaimer: I do not own the imagery used in this blog post and have no artistic claim to it.


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